Covert RSS Readers to Email Subscribers NOW

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This week Google announced they are going to shut down their RSS Reader service. Google Reader is not the only RSS tool in town, but it might as well be. It is by far the most popular. For some websites, this will not mean much, but for others it could mean a loss of hundreds or even thousands of viewers.

If you use an RSS reader, then take a second to think about it. How many times have you visited a website you are subscribed to? Probably not all that often. Well, once Google Reader closes, odds are you will lose many of those readers for good.

How to save yourself from losing all your RSS readers

Start now… create an email list if you do not already have one and start promoting it. Actively let readers know that Google Reader is shutting down, so they should subscribe to the email list so they can continue receiving your awesome content.

How to get RSS subscribers to covert to email

Some RSS subscribers will convert to your email list just because they like your content, but others will need more convincing. Below are a couple ideas to get people jumping:

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