How to Brainwash Your Customers

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Brainwashing has been a popular form of selling an idea or product since the beginning of time. Convince a customer that they must have your product and sales will increase.

I like to keep my body in shape and always search the Internet for various exercise ideas. I particularly like to watch workout videos on YouTube. One of my favorite workout channels is by a man who uploads videos of his workout routines and explains why different things work.

Many of his routines generally consists of multiple movements and are time specific. For example, one routine lasted 5 minutes and each movement last 30 seconds. The routine was awesome, but when I performed it I had to count to 30 seconds in my head or be near a clock and try to look up all the time. I’m sure you can see where that would get annoying.

However, I noticed this guy used a unique timer that he could program for set intervals. For this particular routine, he set the timer for 5 minutes and had it beep every 30 seconds. The ability to not have to look up at a clock or count in his head, made the routine much more intense.

Long story short, I was not in the market to buy anything, and ended up buying the timer using an affiliate link he had placed under his video.

The Internet allows businesses to actively go to the consumer in ways never seen before. Be part of the answer and provide knowledgeable content. When a consumer is clueless, that is the best time to teach them that they have to have your product.

So next time you are planning your sales funnel or looking to make a change keep the following in mind:

Like the man with the YouTube channel, the best method to brainwash is to not actively sell. Share a quality experience, recipe, or routine using whatever you are selling and customers will instinctively feel they need to have it.

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