5 Quick Fixes to Make Your Website More Effective

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A website is a resource that should help your business grow and expand; however, too many times, I see websites go untouched and business owners wonder why it is not doing anything for them. Below are a couple quick and easy-to-do fixes that can make your website more effective.

1. Add analytics

If you are not using analytics to evaluate your website’s traffic, then how do you know if your website is actually doing what you want it to do? Analytics allows businesses to learn about customers and see what works and what does not. See where users are coming from, what pages they are visiting, and when they left. Setup goals and track your checking out progress to see where users are breaking the chain.

Google Analytics is a great free web analytics and reporting resource.

2. Add a blog

Many companies are starting to add a blog feature to their website. There are several reasons to add a blog to your website, but a few include: help boost your search engine rankings, develop easy to share viral content, and create a persona for your business. Think of your blog as a salesperson. Is it helping to direct customers to purchase what you are selling?

With a resources like WordPress.org, a blog can be setup within just a couple minutes.

3. Add social proof/examples/testimonials

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter – the customer’s voice is much stronger. If you have good reviews, case-studies, or examples, then share them! Let prospective customers see the positive outcomes of other customers. This can be done by  compiling all the social proof and posting it on one page for everybody to see.

4. Develop a social network plan

Whether you think it is a pain or not, social networks are free publicity. It allows a free flow of interaction between business and customer to take place. Take a couple minutes to physically draw out a social networking plan. Come with with a set time to post content, determine what type of content you will share, and create a strategy to build your follower count. Learn the proper way to social network.

5. Create an email list

Imagine if you could open a window and scream out to a crowd of people every time you had something to share? And what if everybody in that crowd chose to be there? Well, that is exactly what happens when you build an email list, a group of people who opted-in to receive whatever content you are sharing.

Use a service like MailChimp to setup an email list and slap up a subscribe form on your website. Too entice more people to sign up, consider creating and giving away a free guide or product to new subscribers.

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